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THIS YEAR  (2016)


SAVe the date : September 24, 2016

This year is going to be bigger, better and more fun.


Expect to see all kinds of talent, including musicians, dancers, actors, comedians and much more.

We will also be having leading researchers speak on the status of the search for a cure to Parkinson's and first hand accounts from those living with the disease.

It promises to be a grand event, full of opportunities to connect with people from different walks of life.

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2015 fundraiser


Our 2015 event, the first to be conducted under the Project Sahaara banner, brought together artists and enthusiasts from Toronto, New York, Montreal, and even Newfoundland. Attendees were treated to a diverse collection of musical and dance performances. inspirational talks, a classic Indian cuisine dinner, as well as a wonderful opportunity for artists and guests alike to network and interact.

The night commenced with dinner followed by a short introductory speech by Abilash Krishnan, who thanked the attendees and volunteers for their support before providing some insight into the inspiration behind Project Sahaara.

Daniel Mclean had the audience mesmerized with his skillful mastery over the acoustic guitar and the harmonica. This was followed by a captivating tango number by Zanicca. Even before the audience could catch its breath, Junyan Boon had everybody’s feet tapping with a solo mambo performance. Based out of Toronto, Junyan is an experienced dance teacher and runs one of North America’s largest Brazilian Zouk school.

The host, Alex Chang, had promised the audience a diverse set of performances, and they were not disappointed. Xiang Gu performed a Chinese classical dance piece to a dubstep song. This unique creation was followed by a Brazilian Zouk performance by Sébastien Boisvert and Sylvie Gagnon-Parent. Hugo O’Doherty, a musician based out of Montreal, and singer Francesca Knowles had the audience singing along to some bluesy music. This was followed by a poignant contemporary piece by Abilash Krishnan and Luciana Lua. Finally, Nate Gerber, a Toronto based musician and trained jazz guitarist, ended the night with his soulful original compositions.

More than anything else, the night was marked by its intimate nature. It was a night of tears, joy, vulnerability and, most importantly, love. The night ended with dancing and smiles.

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