A Montreal based initiative.

Nancy Duan
Art designer

  • Meet new people outside your regular network
  • Give back to the community  
  • Learn how to be a consultant – feedback to you on your client management skills
  • Great addition to your portfolio
  • Link to your website on our website
  • Reference for your future job and a testimonial for your website.
Skills preferred

We are seeking volunteers who are passionate, team oriented and capable of working under/outside of supervision. Activities will be project based and tailored towards the skills and interests of the volunteer.

The role will involve biweekly meetings (once every two weeks) and coordination. Hence it will be essential for those interested to be in Montréal during the summer.   

Volunteers will be offered completely flexible hours. They will be reporting to a team lead, but will have the opportunity to contribute towards the strategic growth of the project.   

What’s in it for you


Meet our dynamic, capable and motivated team

The Project Sahaara initiative is currently in the process of expansion, with new team members to be added throughout 2016. Every little bit of effort, every little smile and word of encouragement, every small action counts. Our volunteers are our backbone and enable us to make our dreams and goals a reality. We value and need you.

Julie Arbour
Vice President

  • Ability to learn and adapt quickly to constantly evolving needs and situations.
  • Good written and spoken English and/or French.
  • Experience with team leadership and non-profit organizations is preferred.  
  • ​Strong communication skills is an asset.


PROJECT SAHAARA's main objective is ​to raise funds and increase awareness to fight PARKINSON'S DISEASE.


To apply, or for more info, contact us.