A Montreal based initiative.

Julie Arbour
Vice President

A product of having lived on three different continents, and adjusting and embracing different cultures and languages, I have had the chance to develop invaluable communication skills. I work as a consultant in the wind energy industry and the ability to operate with a holistic view of a grand goal is a skill that I pride myself on.

Possibly my greatest growth occurred when I embraced the fine arts and learnt the value of non-Cartesian modes of thought. The ideas of sustainability, community and holistic nourishment inspire and motivate me. But my deepest inspiration and passion lies in the search for a cure to Parkinson’s Disease. I am of the firm opinion that we will find this cure during our lifetimes, and it is with this conviction that I founded Project Sahaara.

I am a Physiology student at McGill and an artist. I'm very grateful to have had the opportunity to study in both the arts and sciences, as my experiences have given me more perspectives with which to understand and relate to others and the world.

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves through art, so I'm very glad to be able to work with Project Sahaara in bringing artistic expression to the community while raising awareness for Parkinson's Disease.

I hope this initiative will inspire others to apply their skills and passions in improving the lives of others.

Nancy Duan
Art designer

I invest most (if not all) of my spare time in projects related to either dance or any other form of arts. An aspect of my day job that I adore is that it requires me to constantly find the most interesting way to put forth a message, and so it was with much pleasure that I agreed to meet with Abilash so he could share his ideas about his project. As I knew this cause was very important to him, what started as a random chat became a much bigger adventure that I agreed to embark upon with him. And before I knew it, 2016 had become a very busy year. 

I am still learning about Parkinson’s Disease, but to me, this project is my opportunity to help others to overcome a challenge that they, and their family, face everyday. I feel very fortunate to be part of this growing team of volunteers. Our love for arts, our friendship with the man behind Project Sahaara and our desire to help those that live with the disease is what will make our project thrive for years to come.

The Project Sahaara initiative is currently in the process of expansion, with new team members to be added throughout 2016. 

Ever since I was five years old, dancing has been a central part of my life. I first learned how movements from different parts of my body could be aesthetically beautiful and pleasant. Then, I began to become aware of my body and everything we engage to make any movement, no matter how small. Finally, I discovered that I had a power, the power to convey emotions, messages, sensations to the others. Thus movement, to me, represents an experience that is truly transcendental.

Project Sahaara aims to fight Parkinson’s disease before it makes impossible this kind of experience. The project resonated with me at this singular point : everybody should have the opportunity to live this body awareness and to feel the power a simple movement can have on others as well as on ourselves.

To me, the idea of using artistic forms to fight against Parkinson’s disease is really original and could help further research.